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Dr. Nadia Krupnikova

Nadia Krupnikova was born in Moscow, Russia and immigrated to Columbia, MO when she was 14 years old. As with many Soviet Jews, Nadia's family came to escape religious and political persecution of the Soviet Russia. They left Russia with ninety dollars and two suitcases per person, feeling lucky to have escaped as opportunities began to close. Along with her mother, Nadia worked odds jobs, including cleaning homes, looking after children and alterations to help support the family. At 18, she entered medical school in Kansas City, MO, with the intention of becoming a psychiatrist. Through the plethora of scholarships, grants and loans this dream was realized after she completed her residency at George Washington University in Washington, DC. Upon graduation she became director of inpatient psychiatry at GW, where she worked and taught until 1997. While there, she also co-authored a behavioral science review book.

From then until 2000, she worked at the world-renowned Chestnut Lodge Hospital in Rockville, MD, that was founded on psychiatric principles that Nadia respected. Nadia wanted to work with severely ill patients who required hospitalization. Certainly, medications were used in treatment of the mentally ill, but Chestnut Lodge advocated a very humanistic approach that paralleled Nadia's view. It was a "labor-intensive" psycho-therapy which required intensive patient-therapist interaction. The world fame of Chestnut Lodge was well deserved, and Nadia thrived while practicing medicine there. With the closure of Chestnut Lodge, Nadia began a private practice in Rockville treating patients who are often severely mentally ill.

Having been privileged enough to leave Russia and to come to the United States, Nadia has always felt a sense of moral obligation to help other new arrivals. In this capacity, she frequently assists in resettlement of newly arrived refugees, providing psychiatric care and professional assistance to people seeking asylum.

Nadia is involved in local Jewish community programs that combine Russian and Jewish educational interests. As a young refusnik in Soviet Russia, she admired the Russian language but loathed the Soviet communist system that denied her access to some of her favorite novels as well as to her heritage. It is her goal to see that the children born to Russian immigrants are able to retain, their language, their culture and the incredible stories of courageous family members willing to risk much for the opportunity to live in freedom.

Nadia is the proud mother of three beautiful girls: Sonia, aged 15; Leah, aged 9; and Rivka, aged 3. She is married to Mark Silinsky who is a senior counterterrorism analyst in the Department of Defense and her most fervent fan. They live in Kensington, MD.

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