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Help Us End Family Detention

Support the Council today to join our fight.

The Administration has continued to detain and rapidly deport mothers and children back to some of the world’s most dangerous countries... the same countries they fled violence rape and murder... with little regard for due process.
While the government has turned a blind eye to justice and has doubled-down on its commitment to its detain-and-deport policy, the American Immigration Council remains committed to fighting for the voiceless mothers and children held at these facilities. But we need your help. 

The American Immigration Council will continue to insist that our immigration laws be implemented in a fair and just manner. We are working to ensure that families and individuals have access to the critical legal assistance they need. In addition, we will stand up for sensible and humane immigration policies that reflect American values by aggressively advocating and litigating to end the detention of children and mothers.

These women and children risked everything to find safety in the U.S. They come here seeking refuge, but we treat them as threats and imprison them. We will not stand by and allow the same horrible mistakes to be made when it comes to the treatment of people looking to us for protection. 

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