American Immigration Council Board

Board of Directors

(Year indicates term expiration)

F. Daniel Siciliano, Chair
Sui Chung, Vice-Chair 
Catalina RestrepoTreasurer
Philippa Moore, Secretary  2023
Torey Carter-Conneen 
Florence Chamberlin
Brynne Craig 2025
Leslie Ditrani  2024
John Feinblatt  2025
Scott FitzGerald 2024
Monica Fuentes  2025
Zachary Nightingale 2025
Denyse Sabagh 2024
William Stock     2025
Alexis Axelrad, AILA Designated 2024
Jeff Joseph, AILA Designated 2023
Benjamin E. Johnson, AILA Executive Director, ex officio 
Jeremy Robbins, AIC Executive Director, ex officio

Note: The terms end in the Winter meeting of the year stated and the AILA-designated members’ terms end in July of the year stated.

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