Immigration Impact RSS Feed Plug-in for WordPress

Immigration Impact RSS Feed Plug-in for WordPress

The Immigration Impact RSS Feed Plug-in for WordPress is the best way to easily highlight the latest immigration analysis on your WordPress site without having to lift a finger.

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*Installation of this free Immigration Impact plug-in is recommended to be done by individuals familiar with the WordPress content management system. Due to our limited resources as a nonprofit, the American Immigration Council is unable to provide technical assistance with this plug-in. Installation instructions are below, if you experience technical difficulties please contact your website maintenance provider.


This  WordPress plug-in displays the most recent Immigration Impact posts anywhere on your WordPress site with a widget or shortcode. You may choose to display any combination of the following feed items: Title, Date, Summary, and Thumbnail Image. You can also choose how many items to display and how often to check immigration Impact for new posts. Both Titles and Summaries can be set to a maximum number of characters.

The feed display is responsive and will adjust to the width of the page or post you insert it into.

Backwards compatible to WordPress version 3.7.

Examples of Immigration Impact RSS Feed PluginPlug-in Display Options

Upload and activate the plug-inon your Wordpress site:

  • Go to your WordPress admin area and click on Plug-ins » Add New. Search for “Immigration Impact RSS Feed Plugin.”
  • Manually download the plug-infiles here and install it in your WordPress admin area.
  • For Developers: Upload the WordPress  Plug-inusing FTP.

If you need assistance installing a WordPressplug-in, you can find detailed instructions here


Insert the shortcode on any page or add the Immigration Impact RSS Feed widget to any widgetized area on your site such as sidebars or footers (Appearance -> Widgets) where you want to display the Immigration Impact blog items.

Basic Shortcode Example


Advanced Example

[immigrationimpact-rss max="2" feed_title="yes" target="_blank" refresh="12_hours" title="50" meta="yes" summary="yes" summarylength="300" thumb="yes" size="100" default="http://your-site/default-image.jpg"]

Shortcode Parameters

* max - set the number of items to display (default - 5)
* feed_title - display the title of the feed, yes or no (default - yes)
* target - set the link target window, _blank or _self (default - _blank)
* title - limit the item titles to a set number of characters (default - none)
* meta - show the item date, yes or no (default - yes)
* summary - show the item summary text, yes or no (default - yes)
* summarylength - limit the summary text to a set number of characters (default - none)
* thumb - show the item thumbnail image (default - yes)
* default - show default image if no thumbnail image is available (default - none)
* size - thumbnail image width in pixels (default - 150)
* refresh - how often to refresh the feed (default - 12_hours)

Examples of Widget and Shortcode Use

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