The Economic Contributions of New Americans in Texas Border Communities


November 10, 2022


November 10, 2022

New research from the American Immigration Council highlights the crucial role immigrants play along the Texas border in the labor force, population growth, and economy. As of 2019, more than 4.9 million immigrants call the Lone Star state home, with many immigrant residents concentrated in Texas border communities. Collectively, immigrants living along the border have contributed billions of dollars in taxes, spent billions of dollars that are reinvested back into their community and across the state, and help fill workforce gaps in different industries which are critical to maintaining the vibrant Texas economy.

Key findings include:

  • Immigrants in the El Paso metro area are contributing millions in taxes and consumer spending. In 2019, immigrants in the area earned $4.8 billion in income, with $591.8 million going to federal taxes and $440.7 million going to state and local taxes, leaving them with $3.8 billion in spending power that can be reinvested in the area. Robust consumer spending by immigrants supports small businesses and keeps local economic corridors vibrant.

More on the contributions of immigrants along the state’s border:

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