The Afghan Adjustment Act Is a Pathway to Belonging in America

August 10, 2022
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August 10, 2022

WASHINGTON— On Tuesday, a group of U.S. senators and representatives introduced the Afghan Adjustment Act, a bipartisan bill that would establish a legal adjustment of status process for thousands of Afghans currently in the United States who relocated since the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021 and resettled in American communities via Operation Allies Welcome.

The bill would help Afghans who supported the 20-year U.S. mission in Afghanistan and those who have sought safety in the United States after the Taliban takeover. Currently, seeking asylum, an arduous process with no guarantee of success, is the only potential solution for those individuals to remain in the United States permanently. Under the bill, they would be permitted to directly apply for permanent resident status.

The following statement is from Jeremy Robbins, executive director of the American Immigration Council:

“Passing the Afghan Adjustment Act is quite simply, a pathway towards belonging in America. This act not only honors the inherent dignity of our Afghan friends — but also speaks to one of America’s most cherished values, our loyalty to our word. The American public has already spoken. Their support can be measured in the remarkable volume of generosity and willingness to resettle over 80,000 of our Afghan friends. All across this country, extraordinary Americans opened their hearts and their homes. Now, it is up to our elected members of Congress to legislate by way of those values and deliver the votes for expedited passage of the Afghan Adjustment Act.”


For more information, contact:

Maria Frausto at the American Immigration Council, [email protected] or 202-507-7526.

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