The American Immigration Council Stands Against Racism and Commits to Connecting our Cause to Others Working for Justice.

June 1, 2020

WASHINGTON - The following statement is from Beth Werlin, executive director of the American Immigration Council:

"Black Lives Matter. 

"Today, we feel the weight of racial violence continuing unabated throughout our country as communities protest the violent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and hundreds of other Black lives.

"The American Immigration Council stands in solidarity with Black communities in demanding accountability and justice.

"We are experiencing the rise of radicalization and xenophobic hate crimes against racial, religious, and ethnic communities. And although we are all facing this global pandemic, we know the coronavirus is having a disproportionate effect on communities of color. When any community is left to suffer and is denied justice, we all suffer.

"The march toward immigration justice has never existed in a silo—there is almost no social, racial, class, or economic issue that does not intersect with immigration. We must do more to connect our pursuit of a fair and just immigration system to the pursuit of a fair and just society and freedom for all. Our pursuits of freedom should be forged together.

"In this moment, we are called on to do much more to eliminate bias and end racism. We also must undertake this work within ourselves and our own organizations, especially those of us that are meant to serve and protect impacted communities.

"There is no doubt we are moving into a new phase of American life and the continued threat to our democracy and future is real. We can no longer work as we have in the past if we are to reach our dream of a fair, just, and inclusive society for all."


 For more information, contact:

Maria Frausto at the American Immigration Council, [email protected] or 202-507-7526

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Elyssa Pachico
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