American Immigration Council's Statement on President Trump's Immigration Principles

October 8, 2017

Tonight, the White House released its long anticipated, "Immigration Principles and Policies," which lay out many of the already-stated aspirations of the Trump administration on immigration. The laundry list represents a wholesale attack on immigration and immigrants. It includes not only limits on immigration generally, but enables mass deportations and envisions bypassing necessary procedures that protect children and asylum seekers. 

The following is a statement from Beth Werlin, Executive Director of the American Immigration Council. 

"The White House Immigration Principles and Policies are no more than the immigration restrictionists' wish list. They are a nonstarter. There is broad bipartisan support for a permanent solution for Dreamers without poison pills attached to it. We must not squander the potential of this generation of young people who will help write the next great chapter of American history. They need a clear and permanent path forward. The White House principles ignore our American identity of being a nation of immigrants and fail to embrace the energy, innovation and opportunities that immigrants bring to our county."


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