New Report Shows Hispanic Americans in Tyler, Texas Held Over $600 Million in Spending Power in 2021

Hispanic Americans earned over $800 million in income and comprised 20.7% of the overall population in the region.

November 7, 2023
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November 7, 2023

TYLER, TX, November 7, 2023 – New research, Hispanic Power of the Purse in Tyler, Texas, released today by the American Immigration Council, underscores the crucial role Hispanic Americans in Tyler, Texas play in the metro area’s economy. The new report was prepared in partnership with Texans for Economic Growth, a statewide 145+ member business coalition powered by the American Immigration Council, and the Tyler Hispanic Business Alliance. The report focuses on the Tyler Metro area. 

The Tyler Hispanic Business Alliance recognizes the importance, economic power, and contributions Hispanic Americans continuously provide within our Tyler Metro Area. We have followed the growth of the Hispanic population for over a decade and have seen firsthand the tremendous growth and impact Hispanic businesses and leaders have achieved. Among its many events and programs, the Tyler HBA designed a signature event where Hispanic businesses and leaders are recognized from East Texas, which is named the “Hispanic Achievers & Business Leaders Awards” that was recently hosted as the East Texas community closed Hispanic Heritage Month. We acknowledge our Hispanic heritage, our culture, language, cuisine, arts, resilience, work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit that not only builds a better future for our own families but also builds a stronger and beautifully diverse community fabric for our great City of Tyler and East Texas Region,” stated Nancy Rangel, President and CEO of the Tyler Hispanic Business Alliance. 

Past research has underscored the critical role the Hispanic population in Texas plays in our labor force, population growth, and economy; this new research demonstrates it is no different in east Texas. Hispanic Americans in Tyler are clearly an essential part of the community and a crucial piece of the region’s economy. Hispanic households in Tyler earn nearly $812 million annually and have a substantial spending power of over $637 million that is helping support and grow the local economy,” added Chelsie Kramer, Texas state organizer for the American Immigration Council and Texans for Economic Growth. 

Key findings: 

  • Hispanic Americans in the Tyler metro area contributed millions in taxes and consumer spending. In 2021, Hispanic households earned $811.7 million in income, with $101.9 million going to federal taxes and $72.1 million going to state and local taxes, leaving them with $637.7 million in spending power that can be reinvested back into the local communities. 

  • Hispanic Americans are helping the Tyler metro area meet its labor force demands and will help meet future needs. In 2021, nearly 24,000 Hispanic Americans were active in the labor force, comprising 21.2 percent of the total labor force, despite only accounting for 20.7 percent of the total population. This means Hispanic Americans played an outsized role in the metro area’s labor force. 

  • Hispanic Americans in the Tyler metro area are helping drive population growth. Between 2012 and 2021, the U.S.-born Hispanic population in Tyler grew by 40.3 percent, while the foreign-born Hispanic population grew by 2.8 percent. In 2012, 18.0 percent of the overall population in Tyler was Hispanic; that number grew to 20.7 percent in 2021. 

  • Hispanic Americans in the Tyler metro area hold substantial voting power. In 2021, there were more than 18,900 Hispanic voters, including nearly 2,800 naturalized citizens. Overall, the Hispanic population in Tyler made up 11.8 percent of the electorate, including Hispanic naturalized citizens, who on their own made up 1.7 percent. 

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About Texans for Economic Growth 

Texans for Economic Growth is a coalition of more than 145 Texas business leaders and associations dedicated to recognizing and supporting immigrants' positive impact on the Texas economy as business owners, taxpayers, and consumers. With its launch on February 26, 2019, the coalition released the Texas Compact on Immigration, a set of principles signed by more than 145 Texas business leaders and groups to guide the immigration discussion at the state and federal levels. Texans for Economic Growth supports common-sense federal immigration reforms and statewide policies that recognize the valuable contributions immigrants make to the state. Learn more at 

About the Tyler Business Alliance 

The Tyler Hispanic Business Alliance aims to promote the growth and competitiveness of new and existing Hispanic businesses and coordinate with local agencies that assist small businesses and Hispanic business organizations.  

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