Labor Market Series


July 13, 2022


May 7, 2022

This year’s Labor Market Series will explore a variety of issues at the intersection of the U.S. economy and immigration. From agriculture to high-tech sectors of the labor market and from Maine to California, we will examine how labor demands are evolving and how immigration plays into our ability to meet these demands. Each part of the Labor Market Series aims to highlight the importance of immigrants and immigration in creating a dynamic and more prosperous economy for all. 

Fact Sheet

The Economic Contributions of Immigrants in Texas

See our fact sheet highlighting the crucial role of immigrants in the Texas’ workforce across the manufacturing, healthcare, and education fields.

Fact Sheet

Immigrants in Meat and Dairy Industries

This fact sheet analyzes the labor crisis in the meat and dairy industries and highlights the important role that immigrant workers play in producing America’s food, the impact in productions costs, and food prices.

Fact Sheet

Foreign-born STEM Workers in the United States

Workers in STEM fields play an increasingly important role in the U.S. economy. Our fact sheet gives an overview of the characteristics and contributions of foreign-born STEM workers in the United States.

Data Interactive

Labor Market Forecast 2022

This interactive examines how the labor market has shifted since the pandemic, which occupations will experience increased demand, and detail how immigrant workers will continue to be vital to the fastest growing jobs from now until 2030.

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