Letter to DHS Secretary Mayorkas Opposes Use of Expedited Removal Process for Asylum Seekers at the Border


February 16, 2021

The American Immigration Council joined other organizations in urging Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to reject the use of expedited removal and immigration detention as the agency continues the work of ending policies that effectively eliminated humanitarian protections at the border in violation of United States law and treaty obligations. The letter reiterates previous calls for the administration to swiftly end dangerous and illegal expulsions under Title 42 and other policies that block and turn away people seeking U.S. refugee protection at the border. As DHS processes people seeking humanitarian protection at the border, the letter urges the agency to exercise its discretion to reject the use of expedited removal, which often violates the due process rights of asylum seekers and risks returning them to persecution without access to the U.S. asylum system. 

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