Coalition Letter Urges Biden Administration to Uphold Commitment to Create a Humane Immigration System


September 22, 2021

The American Immigration Council joined 38 other civil rights organizations in urging President Biden to live up to his administration’s commitment to a humane and just immigration policy. 

The letter urges the administration to stop violating the rights of asylum seekers. It calls for an end to policies that inflict cruelty on Black, Brown and Indigenous immigrant communities, and asks the administration to honor its commitment to advance racial equity in all parts of government. 

The letter notes that the Biden administration continues to aggressively defend a Trump-era policy of summary expulsions and says that the suffering and deaths caused by these removals will be an enduring part of the Biden administration’s legacy. It asks the administration to stop putting financially motivated incarceration in private prisons at the center of its immigration policy. 

Finally, the letter reiterates recommendations for reforms to help the administration work towards a more just immigration system in the United States. 

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