Leslie Dellon

Senior Attorney (Business Immigration)
leslie dellon

Leslie K. Dellon is a Senior Attorney (Business Immigration) at the American Immigration Council, where she works to change agency practices that impede the intended use of employment-based visa categories. She encourages business immigration lawyers to consider litigation as another tool to serve their clients, engages in impact litigation, and represents amici curiae before courts and agencies. She has more than 20 years of experience advising small to multinational businesses about immigration strategies. In addition to her extensive business immigration law experience, she previously handled general commercial and corporate matters, including civil litigation. She also was a Trial Attorney in the Federal Programs Branch, Civil Division, U.S. Department of Justice. She is a past chair of the AILA Washington D.C. Chapter and has served on AILA National and D.C. Chapter Committees. Leslie has a J.D. from the George Washington University Law School.

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