Mohammed Naeem

Deputy Director, Strategy and Partnerships

Mohammed Naeem is the Deputy Director, Strategy and Partnerships, guiding the direction, facilitation, and build of its programmatic portfolios. The Center houses the signature culture and narrative change strategies of the American Immigration Council. Previously, Mohammed worked at More in Common, where he led initiatives and partnerships with a wide variety of civil society groups, philanthropy, and media, in addition to launching landmark research projects and associated communication strategies. He has led movement-building projects across racial and economic justice, immigration, and bridge-building between diverse groups. Mohammed has a background in medical and public health research and is an alumna of Stony Brook University. 

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What Social Justice Movements Can Learn from the Medical Response to the Coronavirus

Across the country, communities are responding to the coronavirus pandemic by working to protect our poor, elderly, and compromised. Critical to the response are the efforts of the medical and scientific community. Thousands of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals from diverse backgrounds–including reenlisting retirees–are serving on the frontline to treat those who fall ill.

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