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The Senior Media Fellows are a resource for anyone who cares deeply about immigration and wants to tell their story in the media. Our mission is to help a diverse spectrum of voices participate publicly in this important conversation through personal essays, op-eds and letters to the editor. We aim to uplift perspectives that are both thoughtful and thought-provoking, nuanced and empathetic. We believe that you don’t have to be a professional writer to get your story in front of readers (but it helps to have professional writers on your team).

Who We Work With

We primarily work with people who have never published an opinion piece or essay before but have a story they want to tell. In recent years, many of our pieces have been authored by Dreamers, refugees, healthcare professionals, farmers STEM workers, and business leaders. Our writers fall into four general categories:

Immigrants of any nationality, status, religion, profession and age

Supporters of immigrants, including employers, colleagues, neighbors, advocates, and others.

State and local officials, including governors, mayors and city council members.

Local columnists who focus on immigration.

What People Write About

It’s incredibly varied. People write about the role that immigration policy plays in their daily lives—what it’s like to be a Dreamer trying to get a college education, a farmer facing labor shortages or a refugee starting a new life in America. Occasionally, writers want to talk about a specific piece of congressional or state legislation or are inspired by a current event like the war in Ukraine. But pieces don’t have be political. They can illuminate some little-known aspect of an immigrant’s experience or culture or explore local relationships between people born here and abroad.

Where People Publish

Since 2018, we have helped over 700 people publish their work in major national news outlets, flagship state and city publications and local community papers. We have developed relationships with opinion editors across the country and can help you frame your piece so that it feels timely and relevant to them.

Selected Publications


Parents Magazine: The DACA Program is Always Under Threat. My Family is Too
Jackson Hole News: A Decade After DACA I’m Still Dreaming
South Bend Tribune: Dreamers Need Congress’ Protection
Newsweek: We Must Act to Protect Documented Dreamers


Fox News: Order at the Border Requires Access to Asylum
Military Times: An Afghan Interpreter Saved My Life. Now We Must Return the Favor
Lewiston ME Sun Journal: Conversations with New Mainers
Arizona Republic: ICE is Hiding Immigrant Detainees from Their Attorneys. That's Illegal. Westchester Journal News: Asylum Seekers Like Me Can Make It In New York--With This Essential Help


Columbia Daily Tribune: Missouri Needs More Healthcare Workers, Yet Too Many Are Sitting on the Sidelines
Indiana Star: Healthcare Job Are Going Unfilled. Here's Why This Doctor Can Help
Chicago Sun-Times: I'm an Experienced Doctor. Let Me Practice Medicine


Caller Times: It's Time to End Labor Shortages for Texas Farmers
The Capital Times: Legal Status for Farm Workers is an Urgent Moral and Economic Imperative
Patriot News: Pennsylvania's Farmworkers Deserve to Live and Work Here Without Fear


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