Government Transparency

The Council uses the Freedom of Information Act to secure data and documentation from government agencies and take them to court when they fail to comply. Once we receive data, we analyze and publish reports to share the information publicly.

Most Recent FOIA

The Council seeks records from immigration courts about how they process record requests and comply with proactive disclosure requirements. This information will help advocates ensure that noncitizens in removal proceedings have access to their records and that the courts are complying with record disclosure requirements.

Report by The Center for Human Rights of the Child of the Loyola School of Law, with Expertise from the American Immigration Council

Under the auspices of protecting the...

The Department of State used to provide data on refugee resettlement at a city level until 2018. Unfortunately, the absence of such data has caused difficulties for local communities who want to help and welcome refugees. To address this issue, the Council requested the Department of State to share this information through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) on April 25.

Most Recent FOIA Litigation

This nationwide class action lawsuit challenges systemic delays in providing immigration files.
This Freedom of Information Act suit seeks to compel CBP to release records about how the agency treats asylum seekers who have not obtained CBP One appointments.
This Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit seeks information on a $10 million appropriation made to improve legal access in detention.

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