Ending Title 42 and Creating an Orderly Asylum System

Aaron Reichlin-Melnick


April 6, 2022

The American Immigration Council appeared before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security to address the effect of Title 42 on border operations and management and to provide recommendations on restoring asylum and orderly processing at the U.S. Southern Border. The testimony concludes that Title 42 has been a failure and has led to massive increase in repeat crossings.

The recommendations included:

  • Investing in the creation of an orderly humanitarian protection system that reduces the incentives to cross the border between ports of entry and helps address the root causes of migration.
  • Surging processing resources to the ports of entry and work to make it possible to seek asylum once again at the ports of entry.
  • Increasing processing resources within the Border Patrol, including detailing other DHS employees to act as Border Patrol Processing Coordinators and standing up additional soft-sided facilities.
  • Ensuring that no individuals are held in overcrowded and constitutionally inadequate conditions at the border and that Border Patrol agents are not kept out of the field due to do paperwork.

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