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Research & Analysis

We educate the public on how the immigration system works and the positive role immigration can play in society.

Legal Resources

We provide attorneys with tools to practice immigration law.


We go to court to challenge unfair immigration policies.

Government Transparency

We shed light on government practices to ensure accountability.


Immigration Justice Campaign

The primary goal of the Justice Campaign is to increase access to legal counsel for thousands of immigrants held in detention centers. To achieve this, the Campaign is building a broad network of pro bono allies to serve the many thousands of detained individuals who would otherwise go unrepresented and training private lawyers with new tactics and strategies to enable them to vigorously defend immigrants facing removal.

Center for Inclusion & Belonging

After two decades of fighting at the forefront of meaningful legal and policy change, the American Immigration Council will activate its mission statement in new and innovative ways to respond to deepening divides and harness the power of a new group of thinkers and doers not usually engaged on our issue.

Cultural Exchange Program

We support J-1 hosts who bring on interns and trainees.

State & Local Initiatives

We work with civic and business leaders to build more welcoming communities across the country from the ground up.

Arts & Culture Initiatives

We work with artists and creators to bring immigration narratives to life.

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